Enrolling in International Management Schools: The Ultimate Guide

What are the benefits of enrolling in a graduate school program in international management schools? What are its advantages over enrolling in the full Masters in Business Administration program? In what ways can students obtain financial aid in order to successfully enroll in an international management school? What are the possible careers for graduates of this kind of educational institution?

All these questions will be addressed in this article.


Section 1: Benefits Of Enrolling In International Management Schools

  • No work experience required prior to admission in the program
  • Aligned with the interests of most developed & advanced nations
  • Easy access to internship programs in big corporations & business organizations
  • Easy acquisition of a complete set of leadership & management skills
  • Open to foreign students: cultural diversity

Section 2: Obtaining Foreign Student Financial Aid In 5 Easy Steps

  • Check what types of financial aid programs are available
  • Check requirements of student financial aid applications
  • Ask the international management school if they offer paid internship programs
  • Showcase your eagerness and enthusiasm to obtain the scholarship
  • Cite compelling reasons why you are the most deserving student to receive financial aid

Section 3: Careers After Graduating From International Management School

  • Management Analyst & Consultant
  • Sales Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Fund Manager
  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Compensation & Benefits Manager
  • Project Manager

Section 4: International Management School & What It Means For Business Students

Benefits of Enrolling In International Management Schools

Why should you consider enrolling in international management schools? The compelling reasons below elaborate on the benefits of completing a Masters in Management program at an international management school.

1. No work experience required prior to admission in the program.

While MBAs require 3-5 years prior work experience before actual admission into a business school, MIMs require little to no work experience. In fact, in the majority of cases, only one year of experience is expected to qualify for admission. This makes education in international management schools truly accessible even to fresh graduates who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in business. An MIM could provide a strong foundation after graduation for a future career path in business.

Students who are looking for Masters in Management Program are mostly students that want to hone their managerial capabilities before landing their first jobs. The situation differs from an MBA student greatly. 

2. Aligned with the interests of most developed & advanced nations.

International management schools are not only prevalent in the European region. They are also very popular in Asia, Australia and America. The curricula of international managements schools are especially adjusted to fit the demands of the employment market, especially those of the most highly developed and advanced economies. This benefits all students of international management schools as they may sooner or later acquire jobs from institutions and businesses that are globally branded and internationally recognized, promising its graduates stable jobs and brighter prospects.

3. Easy access to internship programs in big corporations & business organizations.

International management schools offer a multifaceted learning experience to their students. Learning does not only entail an interactive classroom experience, but also opportunities for internships and occasional lectures from guest speakers from leading companies. Masters in Management programs do not only involve an in-depth theoretical approach, but couple the experience with practical classes. Thus, the study program is flexible and compliant to the ever-changing current global job market.

Some programs allow the students to travel and experience business organizations in different locations all around the world. With this program, they acquire new perspectives and insights regarding business with a far smaller price-tag than that of an MBA. A number of employers such as Goldman Sachs, BN Amro, JP Morgan, Apple, Google, Siemens, L’Oréal, Accenture, KPMG, to name but a few, specifically allocate internships for international management school students.

Obtaining Foreign Student Financial Aid In 5 Easy Steps

Foreign student financial aids are available in several international management schools in various different types of scholarship formats. Here are five easy steps to obtain foreign student financial aid in an international management school.

1.     Check what types of financial aid programs are available.

International management schools often have their own websites. If they don’t have, then their presence will be visible elsewhere on the web. They may be on Craigslist or any other website under the category of scholarships in Europe. Spending some time browsing through these sites and looking for scholarships lets you be aware of possible financial assistance programs that have easy accessibility and availability for prospective students. Listed below are some ways to finance studies abroad.

A.    Merit-based scholarships or fellowship scholarships.
These are often awarded by organizations, large firms, or local businesses. Sometimes, they are offered by the university itself and granted depending on GPA or grade requirements.

B.    Sports scholarships
This type of scholarship requires excellent sports skills in order to qualify.

C.    Specific scholarships
This type of scholarship focuses on specific competitions or attributes, for example, and is most often granted by local governments.

D.    Need-based scholarships
This type of scholarship takes into consideration the family situation and socioeconomic standing.

Careers after Graduating From International Management School

Graduating from an international management school is excellent preparation for a career not only in Europe or in the country you are studying in. It can help land a job in the global community. Here are some of the work opportunities open to you:

1.     Management analyst & consultant

Helping organizations & businesses resolve conflicts and management issues is the fundamental job description for this role. Firms seek advice from management consultants and analysts on how to take their business to a higher level, boost revenue and improve employee productivity. They are expected to identify and comprehend the current and probable issues and conflicts within the system of the business.

Analyzing the possible solutions for these real-life challenges is also in the management consultant brief. They present and elaborate findings on problems and use them as springboards to offer a range of recommended actions and strategies for the client. These solutions must be properly implemented and carried out by the management consultant. It is their job to guide business owners to accurately and efficiently implement solutions. Their tasks include advising the management environment with solutions that are tested or at least expected to yield considerably favorable results.

2.     Sales Manager

A sales manager coordinates sales teams. They are the ones tasked with setting the sales quota clearly so that every team member understands it. They are also in charge of facilitating and organizing training programs and seminars for the sales team to develop their skills and knowledge in sales. If they do their job well, it will empower employees within the company.

Sales managers also oversee the monitoring and analysis of data such as sales performance. It is also their main responsibility to continuously look for prospective customers and clients for the company.

International management schools develop their educational systems to adapt to the global environment of sales and produce graduates that are ready to take on their jobs as sales managers in any company worldwide.

International Management School & What It Means For Business Students

Many opportunities await those who have taken the Masters in Management degree program. If you’ve got the time and resources why not consider enrolling in an international management school? It will help you gain invaluable new perspectives in business and management.

Don’t miss precious opportunities that come your way to create success in business. Enroll in an international management school and let it work for you. Visit IMD.org for more information.